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Psychological Evaluations in Florida

Constructive Living was founded by Dr. Alexandra Galletti who is a bilingual, bicultural clinician who is committed to her patients, assisting them in the discovery of a better quality of life, as well as assisting them in better managing difficulties. She helps her patients improve their marriages, interpersonal relationships, parenting styles, manage stress, trauma, anxiety and depression among other ailments. Our empathic staff is dedicated to provide our patients with the highest quality of care with compassion and respect. Our staff is bilingual; to better understand you without the need of a translator.  In our office we offer our patients with a non-judgmental approach to help them build a collaborative relationship with the clinician and to help them overcome their issues.

Dr. Galletti wants to assure that your case is given the proper attention, therefore she offers a 15-minutes free telephone initial consultation, in which she can discuss her client’s needs and a price quote for the evaluation. Said approach facilitates the process of the psychological evaluation since all cases are different.

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Psychological Evaluations

We specialize in clinical forensic counseling and evaluations for clients of immigrations attorneys. We have vast experience working with attorneys, and evaluating their clients using bio-psychosocial evaluations, with all supporting evidence and client testimony recorded by a psychology expert. Immigration attorneys we work with, constantly give me great feedback on the strong and accurate psychological evaluations they receive for their clients. Our expert worked for the VA hospital for 7 years, which provided her the opportunity to work with a lot of patients with PTSD, depression, anxiety and trauma. Our evaluations will help support your petition regardless of the issues for USCIS.  The psychological evaluations for immigration processes are conducted in Spanish or English at affordable prices. The reports of the findings of the psychological evaluations are narrated by the psychology expert Dr. Alexandra Galletti in English, meeting all the requirements of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Our office is located in Tampa but we also do teletherapy, via E-Visit and Skype for clients who are outside the Tampa area.

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About Dr. G

Dr. G holds a Doctorate Degree in Psychology and a Post Doctorate Degree in Clinical Sexology. She is also a Certified Clinical Forensic Counselor whose main goal is to help those who are currently going through the immigration process, or are involved in a criminal or personal injury case. She has extensive training and experience in domestic violence, forensic assessments, psychological testing, diagnosis and treatment, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Dr. Galletti also understands the immigration processes and petitions. Additionally, conducts psychological evaluations for families and individuals dealing with immigration processes, as well as for individuals involved in personal injury or criminal cases, such as sex offender evaluations. In those cases, she will work closely with the client’s attorney to determine the issues that need to be addressed in their evaluation and report. Psychological Evaluations are done as required by the specific demands of US Immigration Services for the type of visa or status that the client is applying for. Dr. G is an immigrant just like you! An expert in psychological evaluations for immigration cases, she has the training, experience and cultural sensibility to better understand, and help immigrants in their immigration cases. Dr. Alexandra Galletti is fueled by a burning desire to help and guide others in their journey towards obtaining a better quality of life.  She worked at the Veterans Hospital for 7 years, experience which provided her the opportunity to be exposed to a unique variety of patients, many of them suffering from PTSD, and a host of other ailments commonly associated with veterans after they return from war. Working with veterans was a truly life changing experience for her. Dr. Galletti, later on, decided to embark upon a new journey and begin her private practice in which she works with individuals and families to help them obtain a better quality of life.  She is also passionate about education, hosting seminars and workshops on psychology and Clinical Sexology topics. She is also a psychology professor at the college graduate level with over 7 years of experience. Her passion and excellence in her areas of expertise have led her to make regular appearances on radio and TV. At heart, Dr. G’s motivation is quite simple: help others obtain a better quality of life.


3434 W Columbus Drive Suite 107, Tampa Fl 33607.